12 questions to ask before you say ‘I do’ to your wedding venue.

Think you’ve found the most amazing wedding venue for your special day? Well, hold on just a minute! Find out the answers to these questions and see if the venue has everything you want and need to make sure your wedding is perfect!

1. Can you afford it?

It may be beautiful, but if the venue takes all up all of your budget and more, then it might not be the right setting for your wedding. You set your budget for a reason, so make sure you keep to it!

2. Is your date available?

Sometimes the date is just as important as the venue so check at the very earliest opportunity that your chosen date is available. Weekend dates in the summer get booked years in advance so start planning early if you were hoping for a summer wedding.

3. Are there any hidden costs?

From VAT to furniture hire and much more in between, it’s easy to get stung by a hidden cost when booking your wedding, unless you ask all the questions first, of course!

4. How many people can you invite?

Have a rough idea of how many guests you would invite to your wedding so that you can ensure your chosen venue would be capable of catering for all your guests.

5. Are there any photographer restrictions?

Venue owners quite often live on site so it’s worth remembering that some of the location may be off-limits to you and your photographer, no matter how perfect the photo opportunity might be!

6. How creative can you get with decorations?

You might have a clear vision in mind about how you want to decorate your venue but it’s best to check if there are any restrictions in place before you get too carried away. Things like real candles, Blu-Tack and drawing pins can often be banned in some venues.

7. What if it rains?

You may have been wowed by the venue’s outdoor wedding possibilities, but if the weather doesn’t play the game, make sure that the place offers an alternative that protects you from the elements.

8. When can I get in the venue?

Some venues will give the whole morning to decorate and get yourself ready while others might only be available for a few hours before your wedding. If you’re planning on some serious decorative features, it might be worth checking how long you have to do it first!

9. When do you and your guests have to leave?

At a busy wedding venue, the staff will most likely have a wedding the day after yours which they need to prep for. Therefore, you can expect a rather definite checkout time and it’s best to find out advance so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

10. Can I bring my own alcohol?

Most places will say yes, especially for the table drinks and toast, but sometimes this will be at a cost. The charge for corkage can vary from place to place so check in advance and factor it into your budget.

11. Do they have preferred suppliers?

Sometimes a venue will have preferred suppliers of wedding day staples such as flowers, decorations and chair covers. They will often have a special deal with these so the costs for using others might end up being slightly higher.

12. Is the venue exclusively mine?

A lot of venues offer exclusive use but it’s always best to make sure that is the case if it is important to you. At some of the more historic venues, you might find that parts of the building or grounds can be open to the public so keep that in mind before you make your booking.

Authored by Country House Weddings // Featured Image: Ekow Arkorful Photography

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  1. Ama Serwaa Kyei says:

    Pls my name is Ama Serwaa Kyei. I have registered. I want to know when and how to pay the money. Thanks

    1. eplannershub says:

      Hi Ama Serwaa, details on how to pay have been e-mailed to you. Please contact us again if you require further assistance.

    2. eplannershub says:

      Hi Ama, you should have received an e-mail from us with details on how to pay. If you disn’t, please call 0264546565 for further assistance.

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