PlanIt Bride, Eno Quagraine, says “…everybody needs a Gloria in their lives.” Her sentiments are shared in the five-star client reviews that keep pouring into PlanIt Ghana’s mailbox.  

Ten years ago, inspired by a lack of professionals catering to the event planning needs of individuals and SMEs in the Ghanaian community, Gloria and her husband founded PlanIt Ghana – a full-service events and brand communications firm that specialises in planning and producing corporate and social events. In pursuit of their passion, they both said goodbye to very successful marketing communications careers in corporate Britain and corporate Ghana to build PlanIt Ghana. 

A recipient of multiple international awards, Gloria has led the team to plan, design and produce over one hundred events in Ghana and beyond. She is often quoted in industry publications and frequently appears on television and radio in her capacity as an event planning expert. Her flair for intuitive problem resolution, creativity, attention to detail and get-your-hands-dirty approach to management is a personal forte that has won PlanIt Ghana a fine reputation in the events industry.  

Today, with a discerning international client base including leading global brands and high-spend public figures, PlanIt Ghana is described by industry professionals as the “go-to” Event Planners for savvy, sophisticated clients who demand first class service. In Gloria’s class, she will teach you how to launch and run a profitable Event Planning and/or Design Business. Reserve a seat for our next class via the REGISTRATION TAB.

Based in Ghana, working across Africa, Team 1,000 Words are adept at capturing precious moments in a starburst of vivid timeless images described as “pro Africa rising,  pro humanity and pro romance!” 

As Creative Lead, Ghanaian Photographer, Kwame Darkwa, has rightfully earned his brand a place as one of the country’s top 5 photographers. Together, this team of young professionals, equipped with technical expertise and artistic talent, understand that the best photographs are curated when their subjects are relaxed.  

And so, whether it’s photography for the most opulent or modest, they succeed in forging relationships with their clients that evolve into treasured life-long friendships. In Kwame’s class, he will teach you how to create a comprehensive portfolio of impressive visuals to help push your Event Planning and/or Design Business Idea to the next level. Reserve a seat for our next class via the REGISTRATION TAB.

Her energy, warmth and die-hard approach to doing business has scored her top points in the events industry and put her premier catering service, Nyonyo Essentials, in the national spotlight. Delighted to welcome Chichi Yakubu, CEO of NyoNyo Essentials, to our panel of facilitators. 

Undoubtedly, tasty, well presented food is one of the most important foundations to a great event. Chichi’s class focuses on innovation, food as art and how to marry colours, textures and flavours to better enhance your guests’ experience and take your Event Planning and/or Design Business Idea to the next level. Reserve a seat for our next class via the REGISTRATION TAB.

As one of Ghana’s most sought-after masters of ceremonies, Kabutey Ocansey is thorough in his approach. He not only seeks to offer his audiences an enjoyable experience, but also understands that tailor made fun forms the basis of a vibrant, successful and unforgettable event. 

His infectious enthusiasm (which is second nature to him) has won him an enviable high-end client portfolio and a permanent place as one of Ghana’s most respected event professionals. Kabutey’s class focuses on how to effectively position yourself in a crowded marketplace. Reserve a seat for our next class via the REGISTRATION TAB.

Over the last six years he has helped establish and maintain Ashesi University’s reputation as a leader in undergraduate education in Africa. An Ashesi graduate himself, critical thinking is a hallmark of his admirable career success.

Come meet and learn from the communications professional behind Ashesi’s buzzing online and offline community, Ebenezer Gwumah. In his class, Ebenezer will teach you how to use social media as a primary marketing and branding tool to differentiate and better place your Event Planning and/or Design Business in the spotlight. Reserve a seat for our next class via the REGISTRATION TAB.

GuudkellyGhanaian Film Maker, Abiel Keli, has one mission – to highlight the very best of Africa. Abiel creates compelling audio-visual content that capture and portray the energy that exists at the heart of every event.  

As Creative Director of the pan African wedding television program, Top Weddings Africa, his artful presentation brings African weddings to the fore in an entirely new light. The show weaves a positive narrative about Africa, and acts as a mouth piece for the Events & Wedding Industry. 

In his class, Abiel will teach you how to intentionally curate visual content to push your Event Planning and/or Design Business to the next level. Reserve a seat for our next class via the REGISTRATION TAB.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christiana Sena Ekpe says:

    Until I found planit .. I always had this soft feeling that I will one-day find a well organized institution like planit.. Words can’t express the joy I feel each day… Can’t wait to meet your team on Thursday.

    1. eplannershub says:

      You just made our entire week, Christiana. We look forward to what promises to be an incredible learning experience with you over the next six weeks. See you Thursday!

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