Should You Work For FREE? | Starting A Wedding Planning Business In Ghana.

It is tempting to accept to work for free when you’re just starting out or have recently launched your career in the event or wedding industry. And yes, sometimes the occasional ‘free gig’ may be just what you need to get a foot on the ladder and show prospective clients what you’re capable of. However, knowing when to work for free and when to turn down the request is as important as knowing how much to charge for your services as a new event or wedding planner.

If you’re considering working for free for whatever reason, here’s what to consider:

1. Can you afford to work for free? If you’re struggling to settle your monthly business expenses, working for free will only make things worse. Instead, consider offering a discount on your existing fees. Let the client know how much you typically charge for the service they require and how much of a discount you’re willing to offer because of the relationship, friendship, etc. This way, you reinforce the value of your services and also receive some compensation for your work.

2. Can you barter your services in exchange for something equally valuable? No matter how passionate you are about what you do for a living, receiving full payment for your work is the biggest compliment you can ever receive as a business owner. If the prospect cannot pay you in cash right now, consider asking for something equally valuable – such as their own services in exchange or vouchers for other products and services you’d otherwise pay a lot of money for.

3. Is this an opportunity to work for your ideal client and possibly expand your network? The promise of “exposure” is my least favourite reason to work for free. But if you care about the cause and are confident that this ‘free gig’ will offer you unmatched experience + introduce your business to a paying network of ideal clients, then go for it! However, be sure to agree on exactly how you expect them to help you win new business from their network.

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you’re looking to accelerate your career in the event / wedding planning industry, click here now to find out more and register for our next class:

See you at the top!

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