Short Bridesmaid Dresses for Warm – Weather Weddings

While the majority of today’s bridesmaids wear long, full-length frocks, shorter bridesmaid dresses tend to be popular for warm-weather weddings as well as destination nuptials during any time of the year. They’re especially fitting for a beach wedding, poolside celebration, or a fête that takes place at a more casual, outdoor venue.

Some bridesmaids-to-be prefer longer gowns, while others would rather wear cocktail-length dresses. It’s hard to please every girl, which is why many brides have adopted the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend where each member of the bridal party dons their choice of gown as long as it is in the same colour family, material, or silhouette as the others. Unfortunately, most mismatched bridesmaids that look cohesive wear dresses that are the same length; so it may be difficult to appease bridesmaids who want to wear a mixture of short and long dresses. If you like the look of shorter gowns and feel it’s right for the formality of your wedding, women with a wide range of body types and heights can look absolutely lovely when styled right.

Take a look at the bridesmaids [pictured] who donned short bridesmaid dresses beautifully! Some wore lightweight chiffon numbers, while others went for more structured fabrics that were tailored to each bridesmaids’ specifications. Lace is another elegant way to add some personality to a shorter frock!

Authored by: Kelcy Christy // Featured Image: Callaway Gable // Consulting: Sterling Engagements

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