12 Ways To Transform Your Reception Space


With the ceremony behind you, it’s time to celebrate, let down your hair, and dance the night away while toasting each other with flutes of chilled champagne. And with all the décor choices that are available, there’s never been a better time to think outside the box. We’ve done countless weddings on every size budget, and as we tell every bride, it’s the details that make all the difference. We’re sharing our 12 favorite ways to transform a reception space:

1. Live ceiling. Add huge doses of glamour to a wedding celebration with a living ceiling. Create an awe inspiring look by hanging flowers and green vines from a trellis or wooden frame. Trust us, your guests will love the live look.


2. Floral runner. What’s more fabulous than a floral runner? Kiss traditional floral vessels (see ya mason jars) goodbye and line your entire table with an overflowing floral arrangement. Hello, secret garden.


3. Hanging lights. Lighting suspended from overhead gives a reception space a beautifully enchanted feel. Consider hanging lanterns, chandeliers, or even bare bulbs en masse for a truly illuminating look.


4. Bring the outdoors in. We love the idea of bringing the outdoors in. Use greenery in your décor, wrap columns and pillars in vines or try using living trees as a focal point! Nothing beats Mother Nature.


5. Uplighting. More than just illuminating a space, imaginative and well-planned lighting will establish your ideal environment, transforming your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary


6. Personalization. Personalized touches are key to planning a most memorable day.  From big “wow” moments (like a gold monogrammed dance floor) to small sweet touches, incorporate a piece of you and the one you love throughout your ceremony and reception.


7. Lounge seating. Modern wedding lounges can completely transform a reception from ordinary to fabulous by creating an intimate place where guests can relax, drink delicious cocktails and mingle into the early morning hours.


8. Reflective surfaces. Reflective surfaces can add a big dose of style and glamour to any table. Think of it as a way to maximize the effect of all the stunning candles, vases and florals you’ve chosen.


9. Curated vignettes. Make a personal statement of style with strategically placed curated vignettes. These group décor displays are perfect for a guest book set up, gift table, or just adding a dose of pretty to your big day.


10. Mixed table designs. Try creating tables in varying designs that come together to give the room one cohesive look. It creates a dynamic experience for the eye that’s sure to impress.


11. Candles. Candles will cast your entire reception space in a warm, enticing glow.  Plus, candlelight makes everyone look young and fabulous. When it comes to candles, our motto is more is more. We just can’t get enough!


12. Photo op. Instead of going the traditional photo booth route, why not create a photo op instead? Create a space that embodies the theme of your reception where guests can stop and say “cheese.”  Wedding hashtags welcome!


Authored by Colin Cowie Celebrations


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